Friday, August 23, 2013

Tater Tot Waffles

This recipe will change the way you think about waffles. maybe it's not so much a "recipe" as it is a revolutionary idea.
I know what you are thinking. "Really Jo, we're talking about tater tots and waffles, how can it be a revolutionary idea?"
Hear me out. 
It's waffles made out of tater tots. 
Did you know that is a thing?
Because I didn't know and I'm pretty upset that no one shared that with me. 
Don't even pretend that you aren't intrigued by this idea. 
Yeah, I know it's not the healthiest thing out there.
Don't even care.
It is crazy good. Craaaaa-to-the-zeeeeee!
I had one for dinner last night with a sunny-side-up egg and was in breakfast-for-dinner heaven. I'm pretty sure this is happening again for dinner tonight too.
Go ahead and judge me. 
Don't even care. 
I'll be over here eating tater tot waffles. 

Tater Tot Waffles

Tater tots

Spray waffle iron with cooking spray and preheat.
When it is ready, place tater tots on top of iron and close lid. 

Cook until waffle reaches desired crispiness.
Top as desired. 
I decided on a sunny-side-up egg.

And then I decided to add some ketchup too.

I'm going to share some tips with you so you don't do the same thing I did:
1. I used frozen tater tots and when I first tried to close the lid, all the tots slid out and I had to rearrange them in the iron. I then let them sit in the iron for a little bit to thaw and tried to close the lid again, I broke the handle on my waffle iron trying to close it with too much force. 
Long story short - use thawed or semi-thawed tater tots, don't pull on the handle to close the waffle iron - press on the top using a towel - and be careful because it gets very hot and steamy.
2. If you find the tater tots don't seem to be flattening very well in the waffle iron then simply use a fork to mash them together whilst in the iron. 
3. To remove them from the waffle iron without breaking them, loosen the edges with a fork all around the outside of the waffle before attempting to lift it out. Once the edge is up you can slide in a flipper and lift it up no problem. 

If you don't want to top it with an egg then you can always go the melty cheese and bacon route!
Or, I was thinking of frying up some onions, bacon, and green pepper and throwing that on top. 
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  1. Hi Jo and Sue. Thank you for linking up this delicious Tater Tot Waffle post at Sweet Wednesday Link Party, I appreciate it! I can't believe you can make a tater tot waffle - WOW, looks amazing!


  2. Hey Jo and Sue, your Tator Tot Waffles are one of my Top 5 Features from last week's SWLP (posting later today)! So, stop by and grab a Featured button!

    Thanks again!

  3. I've not been able to check your blog for a while, my Mom broke her hip. Long summer for me, but she's doing great and I'm finally getting a chance to check out some of what I've been missing.
    These sound pretty amazing, who thinks up these things. I'll have to try these one day when I'm needing something I shouldn't have. LOL! Thanks!

    1. Glad your mom is getting better!
      These are definitely a great "something-I-shouldn't-have" treat!! :)

  4. I am planning to make the Tater-tot waffles tonight, then put them on a baking sheet with Pizza sauce, and toppings. to Make Tater-tot Waffle Pizzas. Sounds yummy to me.

    1. Brilliant idea! I like the way you think :)