Tuesday, August 6, 2013

16 Unusual Apricot Recipes

Sue and I spent some time last month coming up with several different apricot inspired recipes for a locally run cooking contest. We posted about each recipe individually but we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our apricot recipes in one big roundup. 
The links to each recipe will be posted below each photo so you will be able to simply click to visit the original link. 
The first photo, above, is of our Spicy Apricot Vinaigrette (CLICK HERE) that accompanied our apricot couscous salad. It is amazing on it's own though and would be great on a spinach or vegetable salad.

Okay, this is the only photo the we don't have a recipe posted for. It is Apricot Coconut Fruit Leather. We simply pureed some apricots with a little maple syrup, spread it in our dryer, and then sprinkled some coconut on top and let it dry. The flavor combo is really good. Fruit leather is one way to use up a lot of apricots that are going a little bit squishy.

These bad boys are Kenzie's Spicy Apricot Bacon Bites (CLICK HERE). Kenzie (my niece, Sue's daughter) won second prize in the savory category with this combination of jalapenos, cream cheese, apricots, and bacon. What's not to love?

The only apricot cookies I had ever eaten previously were cookies made with chopped up dried apricots. I decided to whip up a batch using apricot jam and pecans. My Apricot Pecan Pinwheels (CLICK HERE) work well with pretty much any other jam too. 

This Apricot Cream Pie Dip With Pie Crust Dippers (CLICK HERE) was the first prize winner in the sweet category. I took our Key Lime Pie Dip and made some little changes to come up with this award winner. This is the perfect dish to take to a potluck, shower, or pretty much any get together. 

Our Fresh Apricot Salsa (CLICK HERE)is from a little while back (as you can tell from the photo quality) but it is one of my all time favorite apricot recipes. You can eat it with chips or you can serve it on chicken or beef to spice up your dinner. 

Apricots are ready during the hottest part of the year around here. And what goes better with melt-your-face-off weather than ice cream? Umm...nothing...that's what.
Especially when we are talking about fresh Apricot Ice Cream (CLICK HERE)

Sue makes her Apricot Jalapeno Jam (CLICK HERE) every year. The sweet but spicy combination is great as an appetizer with some cream cheese (or on its own) or as an accompaniment with almost any meat dish.

I love how impressive a trifle looks, don't you? Our Apricot Angel Food Trifle (CLICK HERE) is a heavenly combination of fresh apricots, whipped cream, cheesecake pudding, and angel food cake. 
Drooling yet?

Once again Sue proves she is a super genius by creating this Apricot Couscous Salad with Spicy Apricot Vinaigrette (CLICK HERE). She may not have won with this entry but, had I been a judge, I would have given this one the prize! So good! I liked it even better the next day. I'm addicted to her vinaigrette. 

Take a cinnamon bun, remove the cinnamon filling and replace it with sweet apricot jam and what have you got? Well....you'd have our Apricot Yeast Buns (CLICK HERE) . Perfect for breakfast, by the way.

Speaking of yeast bread....why not try our Cheesy Apricot Bacon Pull Apart Bread (CLICK HERE). Start with a store bought sourdough loaf and go from there. 
Be warned...once you start you won't be able to stop!

I was searching the internet for something I had never made before to enter into the apricot contest. I came across a photo of a Russian Biskvit or sponge cake. It certainly caught my attention.
I adapted it a little and layered it with delicious apricot puree and an ambrosia whipped cream to create this Apricot Ambrosia Sponge Cake (CLICK HERE). It took second prize in the sweet category! 

These cookie tarts are the perfect treat for this time of year. Well....for anytime of year really. You can easily adapt them for Christmas too! Check out the recipe here -- Apricot Cookie Tarts (CLICK HERE).

Our spicy Apri-HOT BBQ Sauce (CLICK HERE) was the big winner in the savory category. I was really happy this won first prize. I made an Asian infusion sauce with enough kick to keep your taste buds awake. 
This was definitely one of the most popular recipes there.

And last, but certainly not least, was our Apricot Scones With Apricot Honey Butter (CLICK HERE). The scones, on their own, are delicious....but, with the Apricot Honey Butter....Oh. My. Goodness.
Make these. You will not regret it. I promise.
We hope you enjoyed our round up of apricot recipes. Sue and I have a lot of fun coming up with unusual and different recipes and look forward to next year's contest.
What is your favorite apricot recipe?


  1. After you get me drooling, there are no links to the recipes?

    1. Hi. There are links to the recipes. They are listed under the photos. Just click on the name of the dish under the photo you are interested in and it will take you to the recipe :) Hope that helps!

  2. There are no links listed under photo

    1. Hi. There are links there. If you click on the name of the recipe then it will take you to the recipe. (For example: under the photo of the scones - the last photo - click on "Apricot Scones With Apricot Honey Butter" and it will take you to the recipe. It's the same for all the recipes.)

  3. There are no links under the photos. Sorry! If you click on the phot9 you just get the photo. There are no links below the photos,

    1. Hi Ronalie, I updated the post for clarification. The link is attached to the name of the recipe under each photo. I added (CLICK HERE) so it is much easier to find!