Saturday, September 8, 2012

50th Wedding Anniversary!

Did you know that in 1962 a gallon of gas would cost you about 0.31 cents?
Or that a Hershey's chocolate bar would cast you 0.05 cents?
Or that the top movie of 1962 was Lawrence of Arabia, or To Kill A Mockingbird, depending on who you ask?
I bet for sure you didn't know that in November of 1962 John and Karol tied the knot.
That would be our parents.
Sue and I, and Orra, decided we had better do something a little special for them. You know, 50 years together being kind of a big deal and all. We decided to throw them an open house today - even though it is not their actual wedding anniversary - so no one had to travel in winter weather.
I think everyone had a good time. I certainly did. There were lots of memories, laughs, good food, and fun decorations.
I made up cards with the numbers 1 through 50, one for each year they have been married, and made each number correspond to something relating to our parents.
All 50 stretched along the wall! Everyone had fun reading and discussing the fun facts on the cards. It was a great interactive display.
Sue scanned family photos from the past 50 years, had then printed off, and them collaged them together in the shape of the number 50.
It made a great conversation piece above the food table.
Orra set up a memory table with the book created at our parents' 25th anniversary party, their wedding album, a print out of congratulations from people that couldn't make it to the party, and a certificate from the Prime Minister.
Ooooooh! Signed by the Prime Minister! Coooooooool!
On each of the tables we had a different wedding photo printed out with a list of things that were popular in 1962. (Top 10 movies, top 10 songs, etc...)
And, on the head table we had a row of family photos amongst the candles. We tried to stay with yellow and gold for our colors - 50 being the golden anniversary!
The pretty cake (yes, we ordered it *gasp*).
That is the cake topper from their wedding cake 50 years ago. A little yellowed but otherwise good as new.
When guests came through the door we had a photo frame for them to sign, instead of a guest book, a basket for cards, the thank you gifts for when they left, and a bouquet of red roses. We had red roses on most of the tables as that is what our mom's wedding bouquet was made up of.
Here is the photo after the guests signed it. Orra thought it would nice to hang on the wall instead of in a book where you wouldn't see it all the time. Sue and I agreed.
To thank everyone for joining us in celebrating our parents 50th we thought it might be nice to give a little something. Sue made up the peanut butter cookies and I made sugar cookie hearts and mini M&M cookies. A good family friend made the beautiful bag toppers. (Thanks Kansas!)
Me, Sue, and Orra giving the toast to our parents. Well, Orra gave the toast and Sue and I looked on and smiled.
Our latest family photo. Pretty good looking crew, I think.
The happy couple about to leave the reception from the Admiral Hotel in Vancouver in 1962. Who knew that 50 years later they would be celebrating with family and friends in Lillooet?
And who doesn't love the fashion from 1962? Love the accessories!
Beautiful dress, gloves, and veil and an equally handsome suit. Pretty spiffy looking couple, yes?
Happy 50th mom and dad!
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  1. What a wonderful gift you gave your parents. They must have been very proud and happy. You girls are wonderful daughters.

    1. Aaaaw thank you :) They are pretty wonderful parents!

  2. What a wonderful celebration for two special people,you girls should be proud


  3. Great job girls, you are all so creative, talented,good looking and all very happy as your parents are. Great to see the beautiful SMILES!!!! Yes, I'm glad I was part of your celebration for your parents 50th. Good food entertainment THAT VIDEO Pictures are worth a million words aren't they. Thanks for a fun day. Pat

  4. What an awesome party. Congratulations to your parents and your family for such a milestone!

    Thank you for sharing with See Ya In the Gumbo this week. All of the details, like the 50 photo collage and the list of popular things in 1962 is inspiring.

  5. I really like your idea of the 50 facts. I'd like to do the same for my parents' 30th anniversary, but I'm struggling to come up with some. Can you give me a few examples of what you did?

    1. Sure Katie - we did things like: #40 - age of the twins this year, #13 - number of pets they have had, #2 - number of houses they have owned, #38 - 1938, the year Karol was born, #3 - number of children they have, we also did things like the price ofcertain things the year they were married (ie milk, a car, etc...), aaaand..things like the number of years my dad taught softball, the number of years my mom taught brownies, the number of years they lived in Lillooet.....things like that....hope that helps!

  6. love your idea of the 50 fact cards--could you possibly share with me what you used for each number? I'm having a hard time coming up with something for each one! thanks!

    1. Hi Marianne, There are some of the ideas we used shared in the comment above (to Katie). :) Unfortunately we didn't keep all the cards and it has now been 3 years since the anniversary so I don't remember all 50. Hopefully the ideas listed above will be of some help!

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  8. These party photos are absolutely amazing. I am in love with that photo collage. Our grandparent’s wedding anniversary was last month and we too threw a vintage party for them. Had reserved one of best LA venues for celebrations.

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