Saturday, December 7, 2013

Chocolate Candy Cane Cheesecake Pie Pockets

These pretty little pies were another one of our entries into the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Edible Gifts Contest. The combination of chocolate cream cheese pie dough filled with candy cane cheesecake is (hopefully) award winning. 
If you like chocolate and peppermint then I'm guessing you will be fond of these as well. 
I made these using my handy-dandy little pie pocket maker that I found at a garage sale...but you can make these just as easily without one. 
They just look so darn cute, don't you agree?

Chocolate Candy Cane Cheesecake Pie Pockets

1 cup flour
1/4 cup baking cocoa
1 Tbsp brown sugar
2 oz Philadelphia Chocolate Cream Cheese
2 Tbsp butter, softened
3 Tbsp milk

6 oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese, softened
1 Tbsp sour cream
1 egg
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 Tbsp flour
1/4 cup candy cane, crushed

Preheat oven to 350. Line a cookie tray with parchment paper, set aside.
Dough - Stir together flour, cocoa, and brown sugar. Set aside.
Whisk together Philadelphia chocolate cream cheese, butter, and milk until smooth.
Combine the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients and stir until mixture comes together into a ball. (You may need to add another Tbsp or so of milk.)
Press dough into a ball. Cover and let rest while you prepare cheesecake filling.

Cheesecake - Whisk together Philadelphia cream cheese, sour cream, egg, brown sugar, and flour until smooth.
Stir in crushed candy canes. Set aside.

Roll out chocolate dough to approx 1/8th inch thickness. Cut out circles of dough about 3 - 4 inches across.
Place a circle of dough int he palm of your hand. Spoon a small amount of the cheesecake filling into the center of the circle. Dip your finger into a small bowl of water and wet the edges of the circle.
Fold the circle in half and press the edges firmly to seal. (Or you can use a handy dandy little pocket pie maker thingy if you happen to have one!)

Place the sealed pockets onto the prepared cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 for 15 - 20 minutes.
If you have not sealed your pockets firmly then you may have some of them open up. Not a terrible tragedy - they will just not be quite as pretty. (See photo below)

Let cool on wire racks until completely cool. Store in fridge.

So cute!
You can make these all different sizes if you want to. I made little tiny baby ones and a few larger ones. The larger ones are more cheesecakey as you get a better filling to dough ratio. The teeny ones are mostly dough with a pinch of filling. 
Still adorable though. 
Oh, yes, I almost will probably have extra cheesecake filling leftover. You can either make another batch of dough...or simply pour the filling into a pie pan and bake it for some crust-less candy cane cheesecake. 
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  1. These are so unique...but then most everything on your site is! This is second time in about a month that I've seen one of those pocket makers. I'm taking that as a sign.

    Thank you for sharing these cuties!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Michelle :) (I love my pocket maker! It's just sooo cute!)