Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Foodie Penpals

So at the end of last month I heard about this really cool event that I knew I had to participate in. It’s called Foodie Penpals.
It was started back in September of 2011 by Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean. There were about 30 participants in the beginning and this month there are over 1,000 pen pals!!!!! And that's just in the US and Canada!! There are almost 200 more in Europe!
If you want more information please visit The Lean Green Bean.
I was pared with 2 different people. One to send my food related things to, and one to receive things from.
I sent some things to Kim, over at She Is Fierce. You can pop over there to see what I sent her.
I received my package from Jennifer.
Let me start by saying…I love getting things in the mail. Nothing beats going to the post office and finding a letter (or gift) from family and friends. Receiving Jennifer’s parcel was very exciting. The box was brightly wrapped. I was able to pause for a moment and take a photo before tearing into it.
Yes, I was like a kid at Christmas time.
I knew there was food in there…
This is what I discovered…
There was a strawberry jam scone mix with a little jar of strawberry jam, some tea, an adorable little pamphlet on a local farmer’s market (where she got the scone mix and jam), a handwritten recipe for cookies, and it all came in a cute little box.
I had every intention of making the scones so I could share a photo on the blog but then I got carried away with Halloween planning. Needless to say I have not made the scones yet. (When I do I will post a photo of them!) Ditto for the cookie recipe. It sounds yummy and, as you may be aware, I LOVE cookies.
I just wanted to say thanks to Jennifer once again. I am very eager to try the scones. I did bring the tea to work to share with my coworkers…but that is all that I am sharing. Okay… I may let Sue try a bite of a scone…but that’s all….
UPDATE - Here is the scones! They were very tasty :)

If you are interested in participating in the Foodie Penpals Program then simply visit The Lean Green Bean and follow her easy instructions.
You don’t have to have a blog!
Be sure to check it out. This is only my first month participating but I am already loving it.


  1. I participated for the first time this month. It was really fun receiving my pen pal's package.
    Looks like you received a terrific package of goodies.

    1. Isn't it so exciting?! Can't wait to do it all again next month!