Friday, July 26, 2019

Canada Day Donuts (Maple and Canadian Beer Donuts)

I've recently gone back to work after a long break. I made these donuts for Canada Day but because I am back to being crazy busy I have not got around to posting them until now! 
It's okay though, these are the perfect donut to make to celebrate any Holiday - Canadian or not. I used Whistler Brewing Company Pale Ale to make these but you can use any brand of Canadian beer you like. I wouldn't sub anything else for the beer - it helps the donuts texture as well as the flavor and without it they just won't be the same. 
You can click here to see our Kilkenny Glazed Donuts we made for St. Patrick's Day! We used that recipe and switched up some ingredients to create a Canadian version!

Canada Day Donuts (Maple and Canadian Beer Doughnuts)

Ingredients for our Kilkenny Glazed Donuts
Additional to above:
Maple syrup
maple extract
1 1/2 cups Canadian Beer 
1 bag Christie Maple Leaf Cookies 

Once again, I'm going to send you over to our post about Kilkenny Glazed Donuts (HERE). You make them the exact same way EXCEPT you are going to use 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 cup maple syrup instead of the 1/2 cup sugar. ALSO use 1 tsp maple extract instead of vanilla and Canadian beer instead of the Irish beer. 

Follow the instructions in the link provided above and you will get beautiful puffy donuts!

Frying is the scary part so be very careful around the hot oil!
When they are all made and you are ready to glaze then prep your Maple Leaf Cookies. Remove as many cookies halves as you have donuts - these are going to sit on the donut.
Scrape the filling from the cookies into the bowl with the glaze.
Crush up the remaining cookies fairly small.

 Whisk the glaze until smooth. Dip a donut top into the glaze, lightly shake off any excess, and then set the glaze side down into the crushed cookies. Press gently and then flip over. Press a Maple Leaf cookie half on top. (If it doesn't stick then use a little glaze as "glue".)

Let sit to set a bit.
Maple Leaf Cookies are so good - it's like you're getting 2 treats in one with this!

I got about 32 palm-of-your-hand sized donuts using this recipe so it makes a fair amount. I always figure if you're going to go through all the trouble of making donuts you might as well get a few! You can freeze these bad boys if they don't all disappear right away. 

Hints of maple and Canadian beer make this a true Canadian treat perfect for Canada Day or celebrating all summer long! 

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