Thursday, July 11, 2019

2nd Birthday Cake (Number Two Cake)

Our little great-niece turned two last month so we wanted to make her a special cake. We had to be able to travel with it so we couldn't really do a layered cake for fear it would fall over on the trip. 
This number two cake is fairly simple to shape and travels very well. You can easily decorate with your favorite fruits... we used saskatoons, raspberries, a mandarin orange, and strawberries. Make sure to pat your fruit dry before putting it on the cake so it doesn't bleed into the frosting.

2nd Birthday Cake (Number Two Cake)

recipe for chocolate cake (can use a mix if desired)

4 cups whipping cream
2 pkg vanilla instant pudding

Fruit for decorating

Prepare cake as per recipe instructions. Bake the cake in one 9 inch round pan and one 9 inch square pan. Let cool. 
Using an approximately 2 1/2 inch round cutter, cut out the center of the round cake. Cut 1/4 of the round cake and turn the piece to the right. Cut a piece of the square cake to fit along the bottom of the circle pieces. (See photo for clarification!) I cut an extra little piece just to make the base of the two a little longer. This is not always necessary - use your best judgment. 
You will have a little more than 1/2 of the square cake leftover for another use. 

Prepare frosting - place 2 cups of the whipped cream and 1 pkg of the vanilla pudding in a large bowl. Whip with beaters until stiff enough to spread. Spread over the cake to cover. 
When you run out - simply whip the remaining 2 cups of whipping cream and box of vanilla pudding. Continue to spread or pipe on the frosting however you like. 

Let chill for about an hour or two before adding fruit.

I sliced the strawberries fairly thin so I could add them to the sides. If you cut them thicker they may fall off because they are too heavy. 

Chocolate, whipped cream frosting, and fruit make for a perfectly presentable birthday cake for all ages. Our little munchkin loved picking off the fruit to eat almost as much as eating the cake itself. 

I know... I know... the photo is sideways. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to rotate it. I've tried, trust me. 
Anyways.... a number cake is a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary! And you can never go wrong with fruit! 

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  1. Wow, Amazing cake I saw this cake the first time here. Thank you so much for sharing the great cake here