Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Angel Food Dream Cups

For Christmas dinner I was trying to make a fruit pavlova and it just did not turn out. My pavlova cracked and fell apart and left me in a bit of a panic. I went through my cupboards to see what ingredients I had to save dessert. 
And that is the story of how this dessert came about. 
Turns out failing doesn't always mean failing. 
This is a light and fluffy dessert that is perfect for after a heavy meal. 

Angel Food Dream Cups

1 angel food cake
1 pkg strawberry Jello powder
1 cup boiling water
1 pkg (8 oz) cream cheese, room temp
2 cups whipping cream


Cut angel food cake into pieces and evenly distribute among 12 glasses (I used regular size disposable plastic cups). Press down firmly and set aside.
In a mixing bowl, beat the Jello powder and boiling water until Jello dissolves. Beat in the cream cheese. 
In a separate bowl, whip the cream until stiff peaks form. Fold the whipped cream into the Jello mixture. Spoon the mixture evenly into the 12 cups, on top of the angel food cake pieces. 
Top with a few pieces of fruit. Cover and chill until ready to serve, at least 2 hours up to overnight. (They will keep in the fridge for a couple of days)

I used strawberry Jello but you could easily switch it for your favorite flavor! Don't have fruit to top it with? Add a squish of whipped topping to fancy it up. 
My almost dessert disaster turned out pretty darned good. I'm going to be making this again with different flavors of Jello to see which is my favorite!

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