Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

As you may already be aware, if you follow our blog, Sue and I are huge fans of the holidays.
Any chance we get to celebrate with food we like to go a little crazy. 
Here is our annual Easter Dinner (and Easter treats) from 2016 in pictures. Links are provided to the dishes that we have done separate how-to's/blogs on. 
Please let us know if there is anything you are interested in that we haven't posted recipes for. 
First up.... appies!

I fell in love with the "hatching" eggs that Beth from Hungry Happenings did (Link HERE)  so had to add them to our deviled egg tray!

The bunny bread bowl from The Idea Room (Link HERE) was another totally adorable idea that I just had to make this year. We turned him into a dip holder for our veggie tray. 

We made a simple cheddar cracker and used a bunny cookie cutter to make these tasty bunny crackers.

On to the main dinner....

We tend to go a little over board. I think Sue hosted 20 to 25 people this year at her house. 

My Sheep pull-apart bread served as the buns for dinner. (Stay tuned for a how-to on that recipe)

We had 4 salad selections.
Coleslaw (made, I believe, by Sue's mother-in-law), ambrosia salad (Made by our sister, Orra), a broccoli cauliflower salad (made by Sue), and a layered salad (also made by Sue). 

Sue made some smooth and creamy mashed potatoes, some delicious roast veggies, and some spicy chickpeas.

The spicy chickpeas were a trial run for Sue and turned out pretty darned tasty. (Check back for a link to that recipe) 

It's just not Easter without some ham... And this year our nephew, Jordan, smoked the chicken in his smoker. Sooooooo good. I need to invest in a smoker, I think. 

A nice surprise this year was from Jim, our sister Orra's beau. He made a huge pan of homemade cabbage rolls that were so so so delicious.

Orra made some homemade creamed corn and some corn pudding to round out the dinner. 
So. Much Food. 
It was awesome!

But, we can't talk about awesome unless desserts are being mentioned, am I right?

We had a nice selections to choose from.

Our crunchy chewy peanut butter eggs are always festive! (Click HERE for that recipe!) 

We baked our Vanderwolf's Family Secret Chocolate Cake in an oven safe bowl to make this cute bunny bum cake for dessert. (Link to that recipe HERE) 

With the leftover batter we also made some pretty Easter cupcakes!

Cousin, Carol-Ann, brought some gluten free cake balls which were amazing!
And so pretty!

Sue made this super easy, super tasty Eclair Dessert which we hope to share the recipe for soon! It's addicting!

Another Easter dinner has come and gone! So many recipes on the list to make for next year already! 
Any questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you. Simply comment below. 


  1. Wow, another amazing spread of food and desserts for the holiday. You outdid yourselves again. Your family is so blessed to have such creative cooks in the family.