Thursday, January 1, 2015

18 Salad As A Meal Ideas

I'm a recent convert to the idea that a salad can be a complete meal.
I always viewed salads as a necessary evil that one must eat with their meal to ensure one got in all their veggies for the day.
So... yeah... not a huge salad fan.
BUT... that has all changed. I have come up with several recipes that turn boring old leafy greens into something majestic. 
Yes... I said majestic.
These 18 salads are meals unto themselves and are amazeballs. If I do say so myself. All of them come in under 400 calories (or very close to it!) with some as low as 215 calories for an entire HUGE portion. Just click the name of the salad above the photo you like and it will take you to the link with the recipe!

A huge portion of chicken, veggies, and tangy tzatziki comes in at 325 calories!
You know you want it!

This salad comes in at 400 calories. It is served warm and is just as good as (if not better) than a "regular" taco. Guaranteed to fill you up!

Don't think pulled pork goes well in a salad? 
That's because you haven't tried this one. At only 253 calories you won't believe how amazing this salad tastes!

Another weird and wonderful idea is our Hot Dog Salad.
This is one of my all time favorites! Plus, it's only 375 calories for a massive plate full. 

So full of good stuff your head just may explode!
Or not... you know.... whatevs.
This one has a few more calories per serving - 430 - but is totally worth it for all the goodness.

This salad is the one with the most calories in our collection - 458 calories per serving - but is one of the tastiest. Also - it has 32 gr of protein so it is very filling!!
And...... delicious.
So.... there's that....

Vegetarian but it doesn't feel like it.
The chickpea "meat"balls are delicious and the texture goes so well with a salad.
This one comes in at 280 calories. Pretty hard to beat that!

Craving sushi but don't want to eat all that rice?
Try our lower carb sushi salad using cauliflower "rice" for 240 calories. We bet you have a hard time finishing one serving by yourself!

With homemade tortilla chips, spicy turkey, and loads of veggies this salad does NOT feel like a salad AT ALL. 
Pluuuuuuus.... it's only 377 calories!

Perfect to bring to a potluck OR to eat on its own as a meal. 
For about 250 calories you could be stuffing your face with this flavorful, filling, noodle salad.

Probably one of the most impressive looking salads on the planet.
For realz. It's soooo pretty.
Oh, and tasty. And only 282 calories for a ridiculous amount.

A healthified pasta salad makes everything better. It's true. 
This one runs about 290 calories per serving.
Per LARGE, very filling, delicious serving.

Here's another pasta salad recipe that is going to blow your socks off.
This one is full of bright colors and different flavors and is only 268 calories per serving.
Make this and everyone will be after you for the recipe.

This is the salad that started me on my salad-as-a-meal journey. 
It's amazing. 
If you don't try any of the other salads on this list - at least try this one! 
It's only 364 calories and it will bring you over to the salad side. Not even lying. 

Light and lemony this salad has the least amount of calories in our collection.
For 215 calories per serving you can eat a huge amount!
Perfect for lunch or dinner.... or both....

Don't let anyone tell you salads are boring.
Mix up unique ingredients and flavors (Like this one) and you end up with a delicious, hearty, and low cal meal. Only 325 calories per serving.

One word.
That is all.
(Oh yeah, this one is 354 calories.)

Pretty, right?
And soooo addicting. Prawns and mandarins and sesame go together like nothing else.
For a large plate full it is only 250 calories. 

Not a bad way to start off the new year, eh?
18 salad-as-a-meal ideas to help you stay on the healthy eating track. 
Want more salad recipes? Just type "salad" into the search bar in the top corner of the blog OR check out the list under "Healthier Choices" at the top of the blog. 
I can't wait to come up with more meal ideas to turn into low cal, low carb salads! We would love to hear any ideas you may have - simply leave a comment below!

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