Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mini Snacks

Mini peanut butter cookies and a milk shot.

I just wanted to share an idea today.
No actual recipes although, you can find the recipe for peanut butter cookies (above) right HERE.
Sue was googling recipe ideas for Christmas Eve and saw some really adorable little miniature desserts. All sorts of teeny tiny versions of everything you can imagine.
She thought, what a great way to serve up treats on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.
For that matter, these would be great for everyday snacks too. Just a bite or two is sometimes all you need.

Mini Gingersnaps and a milk shot

The above gingersnaps are soft and chewy and are so nice with the little shot of cold milk. One of these days I may be able to convince Sue to share her recipe. It is one of her "secret" recipes that she doesn't like to share. what I say....
I will keep working on her.

Mini Butter Pecan Ice Cream Cones

You can find the recipe for the Butter Pecan Ice Cream HERE. If I remember correctly we found the mini cones at Walmart.... I think....
I love the mini cones. They are almost too cute to eat.
I still managed to get a couple down.
Yep, I'm a trooper :)

Tray of mini cones and mini cookies and milk shots.

There you have it.
A cute idea to serve the kids or to the adults after a heavy meal.
I admit making the mini cookies was a little time consuming - I only did a quarter of the batter as mini cookies, I did the rest as regular size cookies.
I love the idea of mini desserts. For Christmas I got 2 mini angel food pans that I can't wait to try out.

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