Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas Dinner 2018

This year for Christmas Sue wanted to do a Ukrainian Christmas feast. Orra and I helped out - me, not so much, due to an unfortunate turkey incident on Christmas Eve. (I pulled the muscles in my elbow trying to get the turkey out of the pan and was told by the doctor to completely rest my arm.) 
Our Ukrainian feast featured some new recipes and some family favorites. Below are the photos of the dishes and links to the recipes and how-to's. If you don't see the one you are interested in, just comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Starting with the appetizers....
We had the usual fare of meat and cheese, deviled eggs, fruit, some sausage biscuits, and Sue made Ukrainian Studinetz. (See photo below)

Ukrainian Studinetz is jellied pork hocks. It is a definite taste and texture adventure. This one is not for the picky eaters BUT is very good in its own way. (Click HERE for the recipe and how-to.)

An overview of the dinner...

Ready for everyone to dig in. 

Sue made this delicious Ukrainian Chicken in Cream with Dill that everyone was crazy for. So rich and decadent - it's a keeper for sure. (Be sure to check back for the link to that recipe)

Our favorite! Pierogies with onion and bacon. Is it even Christmas if you're not having homemade pierogies? (Click HERE for the recipe!

We didn't make cabbage rolls but Sue did make a delicious cabbage roll casserole. I actually prefer the casserole to the rolls but our mom disagrees. We do agree that this is a delicious and easy dish though. (Click HERE for the recipe!

Broiled Ukrainian sausage with a little BBQ sauce is always a big hit. This works as an appie or a main. Simply slice, broil, and brush with a little sauce. *Voila* crispy, sticky, addicting sausage!

It wouldn't be family dinner without a delicious salad to go along. I don't know if this is necessarily Ukrainian per se.... but it is delicious!

Sue made a fabulous new dish this year which will be getting added to the must-make-every-year list. Scalloped Cabbage. So good. (Be sure to check back for the recipe soon!) 

We included a veggie tray and some ham just in case the picky eaters didn't want to try the new dishes! Better safe than hungry we always say!

Our desserts were also very exciting this year. I made Strawberry Cheesecake Bites (okay, not Ukrainian but sooooo good!). I finally got my hands on some freeze dried strawberries so had to make something with them! (Click HERE for the recipe!)

I also made some Ukrainian Scuffles before I was put out of commission by the turkey. They are classified as cookies but are made with a yeast dough. They are very easy to whip up and look so cute! (Click here for recipe and how-to!)

Favorite Ukrainian dish of the whole dinner? It has to be this Ukrainian Festive Walnut Torte. I had plans to make it but our sister, Orra, ended up coming to the rescue when I was unable to use my arm. Layers of fluffy torte, decadent chocolate, and heavenly coffee cream made this my new favorite dessert ever. For real though. (Click HERE for recipe!)  

The above photo is of our Christmas Eve dinner. Yes, we do tend to go a little crazy for the holidays!
Sue made these beautiful Ukrainian Kolach. 

A candle is placed in the middle and is an essential part of the Christmas Eve supper (Sviata Vechera). The bread isn't eaten until Christmas Day because it contains eggs and Orthodox Christians fast for Advent. 

They made a beautiful centerpiece for Christmas Dinner and we were able to pull off pieces to eat with our meal. 
I felt a little guilty I wasn't able to contribute as much as I would have liked to due to my turkey troubles.... but Sue and Orra and family certainly came through with a memorable holiday meal. 
We are already planning on what to make next year!

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