Friday, November 2, 2018

Halloween 2018

This Halloween Sue and I once again had so much fun creating some spooktacular treats. 
We made several cakes for a community cake walk, treats for our mom's seniors' center, and then we had our own small dinner party. 
We are hoping we won't be as busy next year so we will be able to host a larger Halloween party again. It's been a few years and we are missing it.
You will find the links to recipes/how-to's below the photos if we have done a separate post for it. The cake above was for the cake walk and we just used a photo of a Jason mask for reference. 

An easy monster cake for the cake walk. A little piped frosting and some marshmallow fondant eyes and teeth. 

Our mummy was also for the cake walk. A little marshmallow fondant and *voila* spooky mummy cake is ready to go. 

This brain cake I made for our dinner party. It was so gruesome! Red velvet cake covered in marshmallow fondant and raspberry jam. (Click HERE for recipes and how-to)

Our Cockroach Donuts were a huge success. They took a bit of time but were so worth it!

Rice Krispies get dressed up with a little marshmallow fondant and become spooky mummies!
A quick and easy treat that the kids can help out with!

I made this big chocolate spider for the seniors' center Halloween get together and served it with some graham crackers, strawberries, and animal crackers. (Click HERE for the recipe and how-to!)) 

Sue made these Poison Butterscotch Pudding Shots. We've made them several times and realized we have never shared the recipe on our blog. Stay tuned for the link to that recipe! It's a super tasty adult treat for your next Halloween party!

We just had to share these fun glasses Sue found at the dollar store. 
How cute are they? You can make any drink Halloween-y in these glasses. 

Sue also made this cutie. A pesto pasta Frankenstein's monster. This one only takes a few minutes to whip up and is perfect to get the little ones helping out. 

I whipped up some Brimstone Bread to go with a spinach dip at our dinner. The red and black crackled buns look like lava! I saved some to make a burger with at a later date. I'm thinking they'll be perfect for a volcano burger. ;) (Link for recipe and how-to HERE

And lastly, another super easy Halloween dish to whip up. All you need is some puff pastry and pizza fillings and you can make your own Halloween Pizza Intestines. (Check back for recipe and how-to!) 

Do you tend to go cutsie for Halloween or scary? Sue and I usually have a pretty healthy combination of both. Can't wait to see what next year brings! 


  1. As always your Halloween food is amazing. I am excited to see how you made that lava bread. It is really cool. We didn't have a party this year as we opted to go on a nice long vacation in Germany instead. I did get to have a really small dinner part for some friends who came by to go out for Trick or Treat. That was fun too!

    1. Thanks so much Beth! Germany would be a seriously lovely option. :)