Monday, September 10, 2018

Picnic at Cinnamon Creek

For the last year Sue and I have been wanting to do a lovely little picnic with friends to say "Thanks you for being in our lives". Of course, as it always does, life got in the way and the months slipped by. Finally, this month, Sue and I decided we really had to just do it or it would never be done. 
We invited a few friends to join us at a little campground called Cinnamon Creek, about 15 minutes from Lillooet, out the Duffey Lake Road. If you ever get a chance to visit British Columbia you MUST drive the Duffey Lake Road and visit Lillooet. You will not regret it! It is one of the most beautiful drives on the planet. Not even exaggerating a little bit. 

This was our picnic spot. Pretty sweet, am I right?
There isn't an awful view to be found. We really are spoiled with nature's beauty up here in BC.

For our lunch we decided to do a few little charcuterie boards with a gorgeous chicken cobb salad Sue made. (Check back for the link to that recipe!)

I could frame that as art and hang it on my wall. 

We also had a rustic apple galette and some lemon cheesecake parfaits for dessert.

We had some homemade buns that we decorated with a little parchment paper and string.

There certainly wasn't a shortage of choices. Fresh grapes from our friend, Holly's, garden. Sue made some dried plums and apricots.... 

A couple of bottles of wine and sparkling (non-alcoholic) juices to go along...

A quick close up of Sue's salad. She made a lovely herb and garlic dressing that was amazing!

We had so much fun making everything and visiting with our friends.
Funniest part of our visit? Me, crawling up on the table to get some overhead shots. Let's just say I am not exactly graceful. 

I got the shots though so.... it all worked out in the end!

It doesn't have to be terribly complicated to put together a beautiful lunch for a picnic. 
Some meat and cheese, fruits and nuts, a little chocolate and treats, and *voila*

Check out our post on Charcuterie Boards (Click HERE) for a more detailed list of some ideas for boards!

Now that we know how easy and fun it is put together a picnic for our friends we are definitely going to do it again! The weather was perfect and the company even more so. 
Check out Cinnamon Creek camping area on the Duffey Lake Road for a delightful lunch spot - actually, anywhere along the Duffy Lake is delightful.... you really can't go wrong!

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