Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thai Dinner (6 Recipes)

We just had THE BEST dinner party. A Thai inspired dinner that was out of this world. 
We will be sharing the recipes for each dish we prepared over the next week. You will be able to access each recipe by clicking on the the link below each photo in this post. 
Orra, her partner, and her youngest son traveled to Thailand last year. While they were there they took a cooking class in a tiny little kitchen with a very lovely lady. Orra came back home with the recipes and a gift for Sue and I....

A package of spices to recreate the recipes!
We hadn't used any of them so Sue suggested we have a Thai dinner party and break open the spice packets. We used the recipes Orra brought back from her Thai cooking class but had to make a few adjustments as the recipes were designed for single servings and some of the ingredients were supposed to be fresh but all we had was dried. 
It. Was. Delicious. 
We made: 

This was the dish I made. I loved it. I had never tried peanut sauce before but this was amazing. Just the right amount of zip! (Click HERE for the recipe!)

Sue made this dish. It was too spicy for me. Orra's partner loved how hot it was. There is not a lot of ingredients in the soup itself but the base is amazing. So much flavor! I might try to make it again but cut down on the spice as I am a big baby.  (Link to that recipe HERE!)

Orra made this dish. She forgot to toss the bean sprouts in with the noodles so we sprinkled them on top. Still delicious. Loved the textures and flavors in this simple dish. (Click HERE for the recipe!)

Sue made this meaty dish. She didn't put as much of the chili paste in as the original recipe called for and it ended up being a little bland. Next time we would add in a bit more for a spicier dish. (Click HERE for the recipe)

Orra made this dish as well.Served with rice it makes for a really authentic dish. So many different flavors combining together in just the right way. Perfect for those of us who don't like a lot of heat. (Click HERE for the recipe!)

Sue whipped up this super easy dish at the last moment. You definitely want to try this Thai inspired version of a cucumber salad. So refreshing! (Click HERE for recipe!)

Orra had brought back some snacks from Thailand as well. The bagged candies were this odd combination of sweet and spicy. Think along the lines of molasses to start then sriracha to finish. 

Orra modelling her beautiful linen shirt she got while in Thailand. Loving the embroidery. 
I am pretty sure we have enough spices left to do another meal and cannot wait to do it again. I've never had a lot of Thai food - mainly because there isn't anything available here in Lillooet and I'm not familiar enough with the style of cooking to do it. 
After this meal though..... I'll be trying it more often. Next trip to the city I'll be sure to get more ingredients so I can experiment. 
What are your favorite Thai recipes? Let us know in the comments below. 


  1. Chicken satay is my favorite dish in the world. Can't wait for your recipe.
    I also loved green curry when I was there but my favorite Thai food was the fried crepes with choice of filling (nutella and bananas for me). Oh and pineapple, chicken cashew rice..... and pad Thai.... I love those food lol.

    1. I'm all about crepes and Nutella - pretty sure that would be my favorite too!

  2. What a great night that must have been! We love Thai flavours and cook Thai food often. Can't wait to see your recipes!

  3. I have a few family members that just love Thai food... what a great idea to have a Thai inspired dinner. Have pinned a few to try. Thanks for sharing ♥

  4. What a fantastic idea to recreate an authentic Thai Dinner course by course. I would love to do that! I am excited to see the recipes for all of these dishes, Jo and Sue! Thank you for sharing with us :)

  5. Great Thai inspired dinner! I love Thai flavours and enjoy Thai cuisine always. My favourite ones are the Tom yum goong soup and the chicken satay which I sure going to try. Thanks so much for sharing the recipes.