Thursday, June 28, 2018

Burger, Fries, and Coke Cake

Each year for our birthday, Sue and I make each other a cake. Sometimes we surprise each other, sometimes we have themes, sometimes we tell each other what to make. 
Last year we had themes. Sue had chosen Coca Cola BBQ. I had chosen Dinosaurs. 
Here is the cake Sue (and Kenzie) made for me....

Totally adorable, am I right?
I loved it! 
I made Sue a coke bottle, burger, and fries for her cake. 

She was pretty happy with her cake too!
Everything is edible in the above photo except for the napkins and straws and glass. 
For the cake recipe I used our Vanderwolf's Family Secret Chocolate Cake Recipe (Click here for that), but you could easily use whatever chocolate cake recipe is your favorite - even a cake mix would work. Of course, it won't taste quite as delicious! FYI - I baked it in a 9 X 13 pan and then cut out circles for the burger and to fill the Coke bottles. 
For the coke bottles I was inspired by the many videos and how-to's on the internet (Just Google "coke bottle cake" if you want to make one!) Heads up - they are a pain in the butt. The instructional videos make it look soooo easy and, while they are totally doable, I wouldn't exactly say they were "easy". 


For the burger I cut the cake using a large biscuit cutter, covered it in chocolate frosting, then rolled it in crushed Oreo cookies. (Much like our Taco Cake - HERE

I cut the buns the same way, leaving them a touch bigger than the burger patty. I then covered it in yellow tinted frosting and covered it with marshmallow fondant tinted light yellow. 

I added a little orange to the yellow fondant and made a slice of cheese. 

I then dyed a little bit red, for tomato slices, and green, for lettuce. 
I brushed the top with a little water and then sprinkled on some sesame seeds for the finishing touch. 

The fries are really simple!
All you need is a pound cake (I used Sara Lee) and a crinkle cutter. This is the same method we used for our April Fool's Day A&W and KFC prank (Click HERE to see that.)

All together they make for a pretty cool cake that would work soooo well for a BBQ or picnic!

And when they are cut open....

You can eat all the tasty cake and frosting inside.

It took a while to make all the separate cakes to make one big cake but the end result was worth it. 

I have no idea what I'm going to create for Sue this year but July is coming up fast so I better put on my thinking cap. It's going to be hard to beat this one. I was very happy with how cool the burger and Coke bottles turned out. :)