Wednesday, December 28, 2016

eShakti Review

You're probably thinking, "What the heck, this isn't a food post!"
You'd be right about that. 
I am happy to say we are doing something a little different on today.
A company called eShakti (website HERE) contacted us and asked if we would be interested in doing a review of their clothing. We were given a product of our choosing for our time but, as always, our opinions here are our own.
eShakti is a clothing company that makes "Real Fashion for Real People" with sizes varying from 0 to 36W (how awesome is that?!)  And, even more cool, you can customize designs to suit your personal preference. Want a higher hemline? A lower neckline? Different sleeves? No problem. They customize designs for just $9.95 per item - customization is free for all first-time customers. You can order "off the rack" or you can enter your exact measurements for a perfect fit!

They have a ton of beautiful dresses but Sue and I are soooo not dress people. I decided to go with a Cross-Strap Cotton Knit Top. It comes in a variety of colors but I chose black for a classic look that would go with more of my wardrobe. 
I ordered it on the 1st of December and I believe it arrived on the 15th. The company is located in India so I thought the 2 weeks+ was pretty decent. The website said 10 - 14 days for delivery so it was pretty darned accurate. 

I'm not a sewer by any means but it seemed very well made. The material was quite thick and sturdy. To be honest I am used to softer, flow-ier material so my first impression was thinking it would feel weird when I tried it on. 
I tried it on and decided it was actually more comfortable than I figured it would be. My niece then came along and fell in love with it. 
She is my model in the photos accompanying this post. She wore it to her Christmas party with nude tights and heels, then posed for me here with white tights and boots. 

I love the thumb openings and the cross straps across the chest. 

Perfect for in the winter to help keep the hands warm! 

You can easily customize this shirt by changing the length of it, color, sleeve style, or the neckline. 
If you are a lover of cute clothing then I say hop over to eShakti (link HERE) and check them  out. SO MANY cute pieces to choose from. You can follow them on Facebook (HERE)  to read other reviews and customer comments. (Or, just google them - tons of bloggers have posted reviews about their experiences.)


  1. Thanks for putting this on your post!I love a lot of the things on site,I love maxi dresses around the house.

    1. Thank you Linda. They do have some really cute outfits! :)