Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter to everyone!
Sue was the host, once again, for our annual Easter dinner. This year was filled with so much deliciousness it was crazy. (See HERE for last year's round up!)
We had about 25 people for dinner this year - so lots of family and friends to celebrate with!
We hope you like our round up of Easter foods this year. To find the recipes and hot-to's simply click the links below the photos. 
We will start with appetizers this year:

Sue turned her spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip into a pretty spring flower. (Click HERE for our Buffalo Chicken Flower Dip)

Speaking of flowers.....

A super cute, super easy way to pretty up a veggie tray. All you need is cucumbers and carrots and a knife (or cookie cutter). 

Our Sheep Cheese Balls were a huge hit. The cuteness factor won everyone over. (Click HERE for the recipe and how-to.)

We decided to do some small "baby" sheep and one large "mommy" sheep for dinner. We were laughing so hard at how silly the mommy looked. 
And now... on to the dinner: 

There is the over all of Sue's counter top. Below are the close ups!

Sue and I had fun making these little piggy buns. We also made a bread basket to put the buns in.
(We will share the how-to and recipe soon!) 

Some simple yet tasty peas and carrots. Always a staple at dinners at our house.

Orra brought ambrosia salad while our Aunty Karen brought some tasty broccoli salad with almonds and cranberries.

Sue made some A-mazing Ranch Garlic Mushrooms. Sooooooo addicting!
(Check back soon for that recipe!)

Sue also made a brown rice pilaf with toasted almonds. Yum!

I made a Cheesy Hashbrown Casserole. So. Much. Cheesiness.
(Check back soon for that recipe!)

And no Easter dinner is complete without meat!
Orra brought this juicy, tender ham. So Good!
My favorite!

Sue's in-laws brought the turkey!

Sue's daughter and her boyfriend BBQ'd some chicken thighs as well.
Who doesn't love BBQ chicken?

As for desserts.... as usual, we had a few choices!

Cousin Carol-Anne made a moist and delicious gluten-free carrot cake. Love the colors of the frosting!

I made a bunny cake for our mom to take to the Seniors' Center. I used our never-fail Delicious Plain Cake as the base (Click HERE for that recipe.) Then topped it with vanilla buttercream frosting, shredded coconut, a jelly bean nose, and 2 mini M&M eyes. 
Adorable, right?

How about some spring flower cupcakes?

A little frosting and some candies (M&M's, jelly beans, marshmallows cut and dipped in colored sugar) make for some bright and cheerful - not to mention, tasty! - cupcakes. 

These meringue nests make a great gluten free dessert option! I filled them with homemade orange, lemon, and lime curd. (Check back soon for the recipe!)

Lastly, Sue made this adorable Sugar Cookie Cheesecake Fruit Cups. She also made a gluten free chocolate chip version. (Click HERE for the link to that recipe.) 

Another easy peasy sweet treat are these pretty pretzel flowers.

All you need is some M&M candies, mini marshmallows, mini chocolates (I used mini Snickers), and some pretzels. (You can also use the small square pretzels.)
First, cut the mini marshmallows on the diagonal to form petals. You will need 3 marshmallows per flower. 
Next, put a mini chocolate on top of a pretzel and microwave for about 4 seconds, just enough to soften the chocolate. Then, press the marshmallow petals on top of the chocolate. Press an M&M into the center of the petals. 

Before we end this post I just wanted to share the fun, mad-hatter type hat that mom and I put together out of papier mache and some dollar store finds for her seniors' center Easter party. 
She won Best Overall with it!! Yay mom! (Isn't she cute?)

Once again, we hope you have a wonderful Easter!
Please feel free to leave us comments or questions below! (We love hearing from you!)

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