Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lemon Raspberry Trifle

Your probably really busy right now, right?
I mean, it's mid-December, the holidays are upon us, and there is just SO much to get done. Oh, what's that? Now you have a dinner party to go to tonight and you have to bring the dessert?
Don't panic.
We have the best idea ever for you to whip up and it will only take you like 5 minutes, 
Not even lying people.
A quick trip to the grocery store to pick up 4 simple ingredients and you can have an impressive, looks-like-you-slaved-all-day, delicious dessert.
Just like that. 

Lemon Raspberry Dessert

1 angel food cake, cubed
1 jar of lemon curd
1 tub Cool Whip (I used 95% fat free)
2 containers raspberries (about 2 cups)

Break out your prettiest trifle dish (or glass bowl). 
Divide each or your ingredients into groups of 3 (as you will be doing 3 layers).
First layer - 1/3 of the cubed angel food cake, 1/3 of the lemon curd, 1/3 of the Cool Whip, 1/3 of the raspberries.

Repeat layers 2 more times.

Chill until ready to serve.
Yup. Done already. Boo-yah!

It's even pretty when it's scooped out onto a plate.
And, it's so light - perfect for after a big holiday meal!
Okay, okay, okay. 
For those of you opposed to "cheating" first let me say - it's okay to cheat once in a while. Especially when a last minute invite to dinner is sprung on you. Secondly, if it truly does offend you - feel free to make your own angel food cake, your own lemon curd, and whip some real whipping cream. It will definitely take more time.
This is now my go-to recipe for dessert in a pinch. 
5 minutes.
For realz.
P.S. - you can also make this the day before and leave it sit, covered, in the fridge overnight if you want to plan ahead. 
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  1. Such a pretty and delicious dessert for the holidays or any day! Catherine

  2. I use vanilla yogurt and it's always a hit. Plus it's more healthy.

    1. Great alternative! We will have to give that a try too :)