Monday, October 14, 2013

Concord Grape Ice Cream

Concord grape ice cream is a fantastic idea, in case you were wondering.
The flavor is subtle yet very recognizable. 
I served it at Thanksgiving with some chocolate black out cake that I made for dessert.

Don't mind the color in that photo. It really is more purple-y (like in the first photo). I am pretty sure the lighting at Sue's house is to blame. 
Anyways..... it went marvelously with the cake. 
And on it's own. 
The entire batch was consumed during dessert. 
This ice cream does not freeze that hard so you don't want to leave it out of the freezer too long. 
If you don't have an ice cream machine then I recommend getting one. Making your own ice cream opens up a whole new level of ice cream flavor and texture experiences. 

Concord Grape Ice Cream

Grape syrup
2 cups grape juice (from Concord grapes)
1 cup sugar

Ice cream
2/3 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 cup whipping cream
2 cups half & half
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups grape syrup (recipe above)

Heat grape juice and sugar in a medium sauce pan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for  approximately 20 - 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. It will reduce a bit BUT you still want to have 2 cups of syrup at the end.
After it has simmered, remove from heat and let cool a bit.
In the bowl of a stand mixer, beat sugar and eggs until well combined. Beat in cream, half & half, and vanilla on low speed. Slowly add in the grape syrup, beating continuously, until well mixed.
Chill mixture in fridge for about 2 hours. 
After it is thoroughly chilled, place in ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer's directions
Store, covered, in freezer until firm. 

This is definitely one of those unusual ice cream flavors that people will remember and ask you to make again and again.
*Note* - We used the juice from grapes in our garden. You don't want to use a store bought grape juice filled with sugars. Just steam the grapes to open the skins and then press the grapes to get the juice out. You can discard the skins after pressing them. 
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  1. Mmmm, how pretty! This would be great for a little girl's birthday party!

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  3. Hi, I am hopping over from four seasons blog hop. Thanks for joining the party. I have really ever taste ice creams that is purple in colour except yam flavored ice cream. I am sure this will be a hit in a party if serve to guests.. Thanks for your sharing. Kenneth Goh (Guaishushu @

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe on our Four Seasons Blog Hop, I booked marked it and pinned it. I can't wait to try it.