Friday, March 8, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Round Up

As St. Patrick's Day is only a week away Sue and I figured we had better post a recap of some of our favorite recipes that would work perfectly for St. Patrick's Day.
The photo above is of our St. Patrick's Day Sushi. Using corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage in a rather unusual fashion.
Bailey's is always welcome on St. Patrick's Day. How about some smooth and creamy Bailey's Ice Cream and Homemade Drumsticks?
This is definitely one of my favorite St. Patrick's Day creations. Using Guinness beer and brown sugar to candy bacon. You just have to try our Guinness Candied Bacon.
Maybe you are looking for something a little more decadent? Our Grasshopper Oreo Cake will surely win you over. The lovely mint green color will look lovely on your dinner table.
If it's something savory you are after - try this Broccomole dip. You can't get much greener than this. PLUS, it's a great healthy choice!
How about some Spinach Crust Pizza to green things up even more? Customize your toppings to your liking on this healthy, savory vegetable crust.
Our Sex in a Pan recipe is yummy all year but if you make a few small changes you can make a perfect St. Patrick's Day dessert in no time at all.
These Double Chocolate Guinness Brownies will surely be the hit of the party. They are definitely something out of the usual.
This is probably the quickest and easiest recipe you can whip up for St. Patrick's Day dinner. Zucchini Pasta is delicious as well as green-as-green can be!
Our Guinness Chocolate Cake with Bailey's Frosting will blow everyone away when you serve it. It's a rich, moist, chocolate cake with a hint of Guinness and Bailey's that could not be more perfect for St. Patrick's Day.
Maybe something for dessert that isn't chocolate? This super green cake is our Turkish Lemon Spinach Cake that also looks super cute made into cupcakes. Perfect if you want the green without the artificial dyes. And, NO, it doesn't taste like spinach. It's very lemony!
And....lastly...this single serving Bailey's Cheesecake Mousse is perfect if you are celebrating St. Patrick's Day on your own.
We hope you try some or all of this collection and let us know what you think!
12 of our recipes that work any time of year but especially well on St. Patrick's Day.
Want a lot more St. Patrick's Day ideas? Visit Jam Hands for some great links!

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