Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 10 Healthy, Single Serving Recipes

Well, once again it is that time of year.
Time to start thinking about New Year's resolutions and how we are going to make the new year a healthier year.
Well....for me it is.
I never wanted to admit to being a New Year's resolution maker. A lot of people don't believe in them. *sigh* I can't fight it anymore. I'm a resolution maker. I admit it.
That being said... I thought I would share some of my favorite single serving recipes from the past year that might help with the whole making-the-new-year-healthier thing.
While one or two of these might not be considered the best choices for healthy eating, I think - because they only makes a single serving, they still makes my "healthy" list. Moderation is key!
I love that I can enjoy these delicious recipes and still be working towards my New Year's resolutions.
For you non-New-Year's-resolution-makers out there - please simply think of these as tasty, healthy, single serving treats to enjoy in a totally non-resolution keeping way.
These 10 recipes are my picks for my favorites BUT we still have many, many more single serving recipes on the blog. (At the side of the blog simply click on "single serving" under "Labels" for a more complete list.)
Nutritional count: 225 calories, 2.9 fat, 43 carbs, 11.7 protein.
There is also pumpkin, blueberry, and apple versions - complete with nutritional breakdown for each one. Great for a hearty breakfast. Try it with your favorite fruit.
Nutritional count: 500 calories, 13.7 fat, 68 carbs, 25.5 protein.
This recipe is a little higher in calories and carbs BUT it is also high in protein and fiber. A very filling pasta dish for dinner or lunch.
Nutritional count: 174 calories, 9.7 fat, 7.2 carbs, 15.5 protein.
I love this for dinner but it is also great for breakfast! Eggs, spinach, bacon - or add your favorite veggies.
Nutritional count: 348 calories, 24 fat, 11.5 carbs, 22 protein.
The nutritional count on this is going vary depending on the size of the broccoli and the size of the steak you are using. This recipe actually makes 2 servings so the count is per serving.
Nutritional count: 346 calories, 13.6 fat, 49 carbs, 10 protein.
I love this with peaches but you can switch it up with your favorite fruit. Perfect for breakfast or lunch. Try quinoa instead of oatmeal for a nice change from the usual.
Nutritional count: 282 calories, 13.4 fat, 21 carbs, 18.7 protein.
Who doesn't love rich and creamy pasta with bacon? Enjoy a single serving for dinner for under 300 calories!
Nutritional count: 343 calories, 8.7 fat, 46.7 carbs, 20 protein.
This is an incredibly decadent treat for breakfast or, if you are like me, dinner. Pumpkin helps to up the protein and includes nutrients including vitamins C and E, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, lutein, and beta and alpha carotenoids.
Nutritional count: 100 calories, 5 fat, 17.7 carbs, 2.9 protein.
The original post didn't include the nutritional count so I figured it out using 1 medium zucchini, 1/4 cup pasta sauce, and 1 tsp oil to fry the zucchini. A very large single serving that tastes great and will fill you up.
Nutritional count: 300 calories, 10 fat, 37 carbs, 13 protein.
This makes 3 - 4 pancakes only. Perfect for someone like me who can eat pancakes until I explode. If I only make 3 then I only eat 3. You have to love that!
Nutritional count: 197 calories, 9 fat, 26 carbs, 6 protein.
For those times you need a healthy snack STAT! Whip this up in 2 minutes, let it chill for 15, and then enjoy. Quinoa flakes, flax, peanut butter - lots of good stuff in a single serving treat.
There you have it. My list of my 10 favorite, healthier single serving recipes from the past year. I hope to add many more over the coming year. I am a huge fan of single serving recipes that are easy, fun, and healthy.
Don't forget - you can find more single serving recipes (savory and sweet) under the "Labels" section on the side of the blog, under "single serving".
Good luck in the healthy eating struggle to all the resolution and non-resolution makers out there.
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  1. THANK YOU for single serving recipes!! New Follower. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Okay, so where are the recipes for these great healthy dishes? Interested in the pasta bean dish. Looks yummy! I'm a pasta NUT! Thanks for sharing!

    1. The links for all the recipes are above - just click on the title of the recipe and it will take you there. (You can also go to the "Labels" on the side of the page and click "Single Servings" and that will take you to all of our single serving recipes!) Hope that helps!! :)