Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Million Cupcakes

I was going through some photos and discovered that Sue and I have done a few cupcakes over the years. The ones we have chosen to post here today are the ones that we remembered to photograph. You will have to forgive us for the quality of some of the photos - they were probably taken with a camera phone while running out the door to deliver them. Most of these were for bake sales (For example: the cute Chinese Food cupcakes in this first photo) but some were for birthdays and family get togethers. We hope you enjoy them - we sure had fun making them :)

The hue is a little blue in these next 4 photos but that's okay - we made these for a little boy's baby shower. I think my favorite was this cute little octopus!

Hmmm...maybe my favorite little blue guy is this caterpillar with no legs.
(I guess that makes him a worm?)

Our mouse could use a little work but is still cute! All of these blue guys were created out of marshmallow fondant we tinted blue.

There they are, all together. We got the different sized blue balls from Golda's kitchen online.

It's too bad we didn't unwrap these polar bears to photograph. They were adorable. I love the baby bear!

These snowmen and presents were a breeze to whip up for a Christmas bake sale for our mom's church. The presents are just starbursts piped with icing. The snowmen are just iced and then dipped in coconut with some candy for facial features.

These white cupcakes were made for a friend from work when she got married. Instead of a cake she opted for a cupcake tree. I think it turned out beautifully. The flowers are just mini marshmallows.

Sue came up with this turkey idea a few years ago. (Before they were all over the internet, might I add! Remember, Sue is a super genius.) We made them for Thanksgiving dinner.

Close up of a turkey. How cute is he? We just warmed caramels in the microwave for a few seconds and then shaped them into turkeys. Easy but time consuming!

Could I have put these cupcakes in a more random order?
These were the cupcakes we made for a St. Patrick's Day fundraiser at our mom's church.
Another simple yet very striking topper.

St. Patrick's Day smiley faces. That is what happens after you make a million rainbows and a million flags :) Still pretty cute though!

Back to school! Sue wanted to make a little something for the teachers back in September.
Sue did a blog about these right HERE.

The teachers really appreciated the gesture. :)

The apples were a pain in the butt BUT were worth the end result.
So cute!

I love the pencil - made with Tootsie Roll candies warmed in the microwave and then shaped.

On to Halloween. We posted about these HERE. Sue and I do love Halloween treats!

Oooooh Spooky!
Close up the rat's face. Scary, no?

Our cute halloween monster cake balls.

One of the coolest cupcakes ever. Too bad it's also gross!
Cockroach cupcakes for Halloween. Nice.

Cutest ghosts ever. I had to stick a pumpkin on that guy's head.
I just had to.

Everyone loves these popcorn cupcakes. They really do look like popcorn, don't they?
They are topped with mini marshmallows that you cut and twist and then paint with a little yellow food coloring. Very cool.

More popcorn!

Another random cupcake. We just wanted to make these because they looked neat.
Pool ball cupcakes! Sorry about the photo quality!

These didn't turn out as pretty as I had hoped (my piping skills need some serious improvement!)
We blogged about them HERE if you want the recipe!
They were delicious :)

Random mini cupcakes for a bake sale. Marshmallow fondant and jelly beans.

Ooooh! A fancy one. This is a lime and coconut cupcake with a pineapple buttercream topped with a pineapple flower. We talked about this HERE if you want the recipe. Total tropical goodness.

Can you guess what these guys are? Yup.
Groundhog's day cupcakes.

Here are the "normal" groundhogs. We had to make some colorful ones as there are only so many brown m&m's in a package. :)

These were for our nephew Jordan's grad. We have made the cookie monsters many times before (everyone requests them as they are so cute) but this is the only photo we have of them.

This past Easter we made these adorable bunny bums. You can check them out HERE, along with our other Easter goodies.

A whole garden full of bunnies!

Burger cupcakes and cookie fries. Everyone will think you are awesome (which, of course, you are!) if you bring these to the next BBQ.
Check out our full blog about them HERE.

Close up of the hamburger-y goodness :)

Sue and I made these for a friend to take to another friend's Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower. All that is missing is the "Hunny" printed on the side.

Close up of Pooh sticking out of the honey pot. He's made of starbursts!

We've also had many requests for these little fellows. Who doesn't love bees?
Well, at least edible bees on cupcakes....

Bee mine?

Another bake sale cupcake platter. These koalas, chickens, and pigs are cake pops sitting on top of cupcakes. I cannot even begin to tell you how many people commented on them!
Adorable :)

Bees and flowers. I think the flowers were some of the first cupcakes we ever made. They are so easy and so beautiful.

I have no idea where we get such random ideas for bake sales. I made these guys out of colored Tootsie rolls.

As you can see we had an underwater theme going on here. Crabs, octopi, starfish and baby starfish, pearls, and - because we ran out of blue - butterflies.

Close up of the starfish and babies! I love teeny tiny things :)

Sue made this garden of cupcakes for our dad last year. Again, sorry for the photo quality. They were very, very cool.

Yes, you guessed it, random bake sale cupcakes again. TV dinner cupcakes!!
I love the peas and carrots out of skittles and starbursts.

Lemon meringue pie cupcakes and S'more cupcakes. So addicting!
Check HERE or HERE for either recipe.

Sue and I and a whole bunch of ladies, got together to make a whole lot of cupcakes for a Valentine's fundraiser at the high school.
They were a big hit!

Close up of some of the Valentine's cupcakes. Our caramel bears.

These were Easter cupcakes from last year. Yes, we put spaghetti cupcakes in the basket with Easter eggs, chickens, and pigs.

Close up of the spaghetti. Another one of those cupcakes that looks more complicated than it is. Super easy and super cool!

There you have it. 
A rather random collection of some cute, gross, tasty, and fun cupcakes.
Sue and I will definitely try harder to remember to take more photos of our cupcake creations. And, not with a dilapidated cell phone.
Please feel free to comment or ask us any questions you may have about any of the above creations.
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  1. That is a lot of cupcakes...well done!

  2. Sorry - I'm speechless!!
    Fantastic and beautiful collection
    I really admire your creativity!

    1. Thank you for your kind words :) We had a lot of fun creating them!

  3. All those cup cakes made me smile, they are so cute. Thanks for sharing this with us this week at the Sunday Round Up Link Party.
    See you next week,
    Rose @

  4. Love all the cupcakes. You sure are talented... I am lucky to just get icing on the cupcakes I make.
    Thanks for sharing at Sunday Round Up.

  5. Forget the quality of the photos! Those muffins are what I want :)