Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School Cupcakes

It is officially back to school time. I (Sue) have decided to write the blog today as my daughter, Mackenzie, is going into Grade 10 as of today.
Being the mother of a teenage daughter is filled with ups and downs. Mostly ups...but there are some days when I wonder how much trouble I would get in if I permanently locked her in her room and just shoved food under the door.

Need an example? Last night, the NIGHT BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS, Kenzie tells me she needs to have her resume to hand in. I tell her it’s something we can work on tomorrow, right now we have to make sure everything is lined up, backpack is full of supplies, clothes are clean, etc...
She tells me, “It has to be today. Today is the last day to apply for the job!”
Okay, I could have just said, “Too bad, so sad, you should have thought of that earlier”. But no, I’m thinking she needs a part time job to earn some money so she’ll stop asking her father and I for it.
To make a long story short, Jo ended up coming down to help with the cover letter and we got it done. Kenzie even said thank you. Wow.

Anyway, the blog today is about getting her back to school. I cannot believe she is going into Grade 10 already. Only 1 more year until she is driving and 2 more years until she graduates. I’m going to stop thinking about that for now otherwise I will become a blubbering mess.
(Sigh....my baby is growing up too fast)
I decided to make some cupcakes to surprise the teacher’s at the high school. (It doesn’t hurt to start the year off on their good side.) Jo helped me come up with some school themed cupcakes that turned out pretty cute. The first couple of apples we made were a little bumpy but we managed to perfect the technique and the last 2 were pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I am sad that the apples were pink instead of red though. It doesn’t matter how much red food coloring you add to sugar it will not go red. I think we are going to have to break down and just buy the red sugar from Michaels.
Jo was really proud of her pencil and ruler made out of tootsies rolls.
One of our pretty apples and some books made out of tootsie rolls

Some mini apples made out of tootsie rolls.

 I know Kenzie will probably kill me but I have to include these pics of her. She is so beautiful on the inside and out and I am so proud of her.
My baby

My baby, all grown up.
So, as another school year starts we are on the lookout for some creative lunch box ideas. If you have any suggestions please share with us. My daughter is extremely picky when it comes to her lunches. (For example – she won’t eat cheese and pickle slices, even when they are kept in separate containers, because the cheese gets “sweaty” if it is not cold and the pickles are “too warm”.)
Sigh. I know, I know...... Have patience.

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