Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bacon Week Wrap Up

Bacon week is coming to an end here at 
We have compiled a list of all the bacon recipes we shared during bacon week with links to each recipe. (The link is the name of the dish above the photo - just click on it and it will take you to the recipe post!)
We have one or two more recipes to share that include bacon and will do so in the next few days. 
Keep in mind these are NOT our only bacon recipes! 
For a list of many more of our bacon recipes you can either look at "Labels" on the side of the blog and click on "Bacon" OR type the word "bacon" into the search bar at the very top corner of the blog.  
We hope you have enjoyed our bacon recipes and we would love to hear any comments, suggestions, or concerns! 

These are super easy, super fast, super cheesy, and super bacony. What more could you ask for?
From start to finish in about 20 - 30 minutes.

2. Bacon Caramel Apples

Okay - this one doesn't actually have a link! All you do is melt some caramels, dip in the apple, and then sprinkle it with some finely chopped, cooked bacon. 
Sounds weird, right?
Weird in a good way. Trust us.

Adorable and delicious.
These are a great appetizer for game night, before a family dinner, or simply for snack time. We served ours with a little extra hot sauce on the side for dipping.

I love that you can see the little flecks of vanilla bean in the bacon streusel!
This is a great way to change up the usual peach pie. 
One of my favorite new recipes!

New and exciting!
This will definitely WOW your guests and family. They are easy to whip up and make a big impact. 
All that garlicy, bacony cream cheese and crunchy bacon is addicting!

Bacon candy. It's totally a thing.
A thing you most definitely need to try. Sweet & salty is fantabulous as a treat!

It has vegetables so it must be healthy.
That's our story and we're sticking to it.
One thing we do know is absolutely true though - it is amazingly delicious. You. Must. Try. It.

Another way to fancy up a plain ol' apple pie. (Click HERE for the recipe)
This rustic apple galette looks so pretty on a dessert table. Not to mention - tastes fantastic as well!

4 ingredients, 40 minutes. 
Yes, it really is that simple. 
These are a HUGE family favorite around here. Make them - I bet your family loves them too!

I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking, "What the what is that?"
Well. It's the best thing your taste buds will ever experience. That's what.
For realz.

Here is an overview of the table:

Some snacks - Bacon Puffs (Pork Rinds), some bacon flavored crackers, and some Smoky Bacon Chips.

Dessert display - the caramel apples, shortcakes for the bacon caramel and peanut butter shortcakes, apple bacon galette, and bourbon peach pie. 
Oh my!

Almost all the food on the table. 
Dinner time is close! 

Our guests also brought some delicious bacon treats.
Taylor brought this delicious spinach and bacon salad with poppy seed dressing!

And Paul brought this bacon fried rice.
So good!

Remember: if you want more of our bacon recipes you can either look at "Labels" on the side of the blog and click on "Bacon" OR type the word "bacon" into the search bar at the very top corner of the blog. 
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