Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Sue and I didn't go as crazy this year as we usually do for Easter. 
We still wanted to share our Easter inspired recipes and photos from our Easter dinner. (For more Easter treats check out our Easter 2013 round up HERE).  
Let's get started with our appetizers from dinner this year:
Above is our adorable and tasty cheese ball chicks. This is the same cheese ball recipe we used last year to make our carrot cheese ball. 

1 (8oz) brick of cream cheese, softened, 1 can of flaked ham, splash of Worcestershire, about 1/4 cup finely diced onions. Mix altogether until well combined. Roll in finely shredded cheese and shape into whichever shape you would like. You may need to chill it for a bit to firm it up to be able to shape it. If you like it extra cheesy then you can also add about 1/2 cup of the finely shredded cheese into the ham/cream cheese mixture before you roll it in the shredded cheese. 
We added olive pieces for the eyes and carrot pieces for the beaks and feet.

Another chick treat. Sue made deviled eggs and simply added some olive pieces for eyes and cheddar cheese bits for beaks. Easy and adorable! (To make her deviled eggs she simply mixed the yolks with a bit of mayo, very finely diced onion, and a pinch of dry mustard)

And I made this Baked Mexican Layered Dip to round out the appies. (Click HERE for that recipe) It was gobbled up so fast I didn't think I would be able to get a photo of it! 
Now, on to the main course:

Sue's kitchen counter served as our buffet. 
We had homemade coleslaw and broccoli salad to start and so many delicious hot dishes. 

Above - Fresh, homemade Hot Cross Buns. (Recipe HERE)

Above - Sue's homemade baked beans. (I will see if I can get her to part with her recipe!)

Above - peas and carrots. 

Above - Sue's twice baked potato casserole. (Again, I will see if I can get her recipe out of her!)

Above - the amazingly tender ham, baked beans, and potato casserole.
This year we had a non-traditional Easter. We went the BBQ route....

Above - Spicy BBQ chicken wings. 

The best BBQ chicken thighs ever. So good! 
And, Sue and nephew, Jordan, had a mini rib cook off. They each made their own special recipe and we had to have a family vote to see who won.

Above - Jordan made an amazing ginger garlic version.

Above - Sue went with a sticky BBQ Asian version. 
In the end Sue won by 1 vote. They were both so amazing it was hard to choose. Be sure to check back for the link to their recipes. I will try and round those up soon. 

Just a bit of meat at this party...
But... not to worry. We didn't forget about desserts - 

The beginning of the dessert buffet. See below for the closeups!

Above - cousin Carol brought some yummy cake balls. The light ones were my favorite, they were orange cranberry!

Above - Sister, Orra, brought some mini cherry cheesecakes. So good!

I made a huge Carrot Cake Trifle. Check back soon for the recipe! It is my new favorite. :) (*Update* - Click HERE for the recipe!)

Sue made our mom's favorite Easter treat - Crunchy Chewy Peanut Butter Eggs. I forgot to do a blog about them last year but I definitely will do it this year!! (Click HERE for recipe)

And our M&M White Chocolate Cheesecake Cookies were such a hit at the bake sale we had to have them again! (Recipe HERE

I am definitely going to get the recipe for this fruity punch from our friend, Lucille. She made this for our dinner and it was amazing! I couldn't stop drinking it. Check back for the recipe! 

Another favorite drink of the night was from Orra. I had never tried chocolate red wine before. I honestly thought it sounded awful...but... turns out it is sooooo good! It reminded me of Bailey's Irish Cream. 
Definitely adding that to my wine list!

There is the bright and cheerful dinner table for this year. I loved all those bright colors!
Sue did a bang up job of decorating!

There is some of the family at the table. I liked the "Home" in the window in the background. 
For some reason this is one of my favorite shots of the night. 
We hope everyone has a wonderful, happy Easter.
If you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear from you!

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