Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Sweets #3

Sue and I, once again, went a little crazy with our Halloween sweets this year.
These were all made for a bake sale to help out the grads of 2014. Sue's daughter, Kenzie, and our youngest nephew, Nick are both graduating this year. 
We hope you enjoy the following photos and links to the "how-to's". 

I decided to make this adorable Frankenstein monster as soon as I received my Twinkie cake pan. We used Confessions Of A Cookbook Queen's images for inspiration to decorate our homemade "Twinkie" cakes.
She used black licorice for his mouth but we used chocolate sprinkles. 

Some candy pumpkins and fall leaf sprinkles made decorating this pumpkins a breeze. We made a simple spice cake with cream cheese frosting. 

Chocolate cake with white frosting, red gel frosting, and a store bought hatchet pick made these a popular seller at the bake sale. 

Our marshmallow fondant ghosts were super popular last year so we decided to make more this year. All we did was stick an unwrapped sucker into the center of the cupcake and place a round of fondant on top, 2 little dots of black food gel for eyes, and a little candy pumpkin to sit on top!

I love how pretty these candy corn cupcakes look. You can click over to The Curvy Carrot for recipe and how-to that inspired us.

Lil' Luna was where we got the inspiration and recipe to make these Googly Eye Monster Cookies. 
They look so adorable!

I think these Chocolate Spider Chip Cookies were my favorite. I was inspired by Beth over at Hungry Happenings. I used mini chocolate chips in my cookies and then used regular sized chips to place a few on top when the cookies came out of the oven. I let them soften for a few minutes and then used tweezers to place chocolate sprinkles into the slightly softened chocolate chips on top. 
Yes, it took a while.

Cake pops are always a hit at Halloween. These Jack O'Lantern cuties were pretty simple. Dipped in orange melting wafers and then a few melted black melting wafers to pipe on some smiles. 

Also super simple were these little mummy cake pops. Dipped in white melting wafers and then just dip a spoon into the melted white wafers and drizzle it over the ball. Two mini chocolate chops are the eyes. 

We also made a few Eyeball Cake Balls on forks and then a few with some Halloween sprinkles just to round out the collection.

These Peanut Butter Cup Spider Brownies were super simple and super tasty. Click over to Cookies & Cups for the recipe and how to. 

This little pie guy did NOT turn out how I envisioned him. He was pretty cute though. I called him the creature from the red lagoon. He is made of pie crust and strawberry rhubarb pie filling. 
Next time I attempt him I will go bigger, he was just too tiny. 

Sue was dying to make caramel apples this year after her trip to Disneyland. Apparently Disneyland has some wicked caramel apples. While ours may not have been as fancy, they were pretty darned tasty. 
We decorated them with some foot long gummy worms.

It's just not Halloween without some of our favorite Easy Caramel Popcorn. You can get our recipe by clicking THIS LINK. We found these adorable tins at the dollar store. 

Super easy and super tasty. Some salted bread sticks dipped in melted caramel and rolled in Halloween sprinkles. A quick and easy way to Halloween-up a table. 

Sue made 2 giant chocolate chip/M&M cookie pizzas for the bake sale. These are always a hit!

She also made these adorable sugar cookie stick monsters. A few dabs of green frosting and mini marshmallows with mini chocolate chips for eyes and *voila* cutest cookie monsters ever. 
She made some mummy stick cookies too (see below).

There is a round up of our sweets for Halloween so far. I may have to add more as we have not yet had our annual Halloween dinner party. :)
Don't forget to check out our Halloween Sweets and Halloween Sweets #2 for more spooky Halloween food inspiration!
Be sure to visit Love Bakes Good Cakes and Dizzy Busy & Hungry and The Inspiration Network for some great links!


  1. OMG, you ladies were super busy this Halloween season. Your sweet treats all look amazing. I love the Creature from the Red Lagoon. It is so much fun. I also love how you made your version of the spider cookies. Sprinkles make the perfect little legs. I'm sure your treats made the graduates a lot of money at the bake sale.

    Have a Happy Halloween!!! - Beth @ Hungry Happenings