Friday, March 22, 2013

Oreo Marshmallow Roll

Take the Rice Krispies out of Rice Krispie treats and replace them with Oreo cookies and what do you have?
You have a delicious, chocolatey, chewy, crispy treat. Wrap it around a giant marshmallow and you will have people thinking you are some kind of crispy/chewy treat genius.
Who doesn't like no bake, super easy recipes that can be whipped up in about 20 minutes?
Crazy people, that's who.
Oreo Marshmallow Roll
1 bag of Oreos (about 40 - 45 cookies)
1 bag mini marshmallows (about 5 cups)
4 Tbsp butter
6 Jumbo Marshmallows
Spray a cookie sheet with cooking spray. Set aside.
Using a food processor (or rolling pin and Ziploc bag), process cookies until you are left with fine crumbs. Set aside.
In a large saucepan, over low/medium heat, met together the mini marshmallows and butter until smooth, stirring constantly. Stir in the Oreo crumbs until well combined.
Press into an approx 10 X 12 rectangle on the prepared sheet.
Let it sit for about 5 - 10 minutes so will hold together but still be flexible.
Line up the 6 jumbo marshmallows down the centre of the Oreo rectangle.
Roll up the Oreo mixture around the marshmallows, overlapping the rectangle and press to seal.
Let sit for another 5 - 10 minutes to firm up a bit more. Slice the roll into 1/2 to 1 inch slices using a serrated knife.
It's that simple.
They look so pretty on a plate of squares.
If you don't want to wrap the marshmallows in the middle, you can enjoy this as you would a regular Rice Krispie treat. Simply press into a greased 8 X 8 pan so it is a little thicker and let it sit to firm up, then cut it.
Personally, I like the extra marshmallowy goodness of the roll.
Simple. Tasty. Pretty. What's not to love?
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  1. OMG I think i'd really love that marshmallowy centre! super awesome!!
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. I'm with Anthea, OMG, YUM!! I'm definitely going to try this. Can't wait. Pinned it.

  3. The thing about standard rice crispy treats--no chocolate. This is so fun! Thank you for linking this week.

  4. My husband LOVES Oreos and I think he will love this too! I'm visiting from Jam Hands Linky Party! Pinning!

  5. What an awesome idea!! Thank for sharing with Simple Supper Tuesday!

  6. Do you use the WHOLE Oreo cookies, or just the wafer part?

  7. Did you wrap this in plastic, it looks like plastic in picture.

    1. Good eye Roberta! Yes, the first time we made it we placed plastic wrap down on the cookie sheet. We found it easier to just spray the cookie sheet with cooking spray. Either way will work though :)

  8. Is this a a 14.3 ounce bag of oreos or a bag of mini oreos?

    1. It's a normal sized bag of regular Oreos. Not minis 😀