Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Sweets

So it is nearing Halloween again...One of Sue and I's favorite holidays.
It is a little odd that we both love Halloween as much as we do as we are both HUGE chickens and hate to be scared. Plus, we both do NOT like to be grossed out by things as we both start with the wretching and gagging.
Yup...couple of wussies is what we are.
Yet, here we are at Halloween celebrating with some of the grossest and scariest  looking food you can imagine.
Today's blog is dedicated to some cute, and some gross, and some scary, treats that we made for a Halloween themed bake sale.

Cute, yes? Our marshmallow fondant ghosts are balanced on Tootsie Pop suckers. The pumpkins are made from Orange Tootsie Rolls that were warmed slightly in the microwave and then shaped. The stem is a chocolate jimmy.

Yucky, n'est pas? Our cockroaches are made from a date wrapped in a slightly melted caramel candy with 1/2 an M&M candy for a head. His antenna are more caramel.

Another shot of the cockroaches!

Cute, again... Our monsters are cake balls dipped in colored melting wafers with edible sugar eye balls. We did several different monsters - 3 eyes, 2 eyes, 1 eye, horns, mohawks, fangs....They were simple and turned out so cute!

Okay, so we seemed to favor the cutesy Halloween Sweets this year. How can you blame us though when they are soooooo adorable?

Our Rice Krispie Mummies were probably the easiest to make. Just cut out strips of marshmallow fondant, used M&M's for eyes, and a round cookie cutter to cut out the shapes of the head. These would be a great treat to have the kids help with! 

More Rice Krispie Treats! These were easy, peasy and look really Halloween-y. All you have to do is put a little orange food dye into your marshmallows when they are melting and it works great. We used a Tootsie Roll for the stem. You could turn them into jack-o-lanterns with a little icing or else cut Fruit Roll Ups into eyes and mouths.

Spooooooky!  Our scary rat cupcakes turned out great but were kind of a pain in the butt to assemble. I think our cake was too light. A heavier cake may have held up better. We ended up having to stick toothpicks through the head to hold it to the body.

These scary little guys look great on a plate of Halloween treats. They weren't too hard to make but were the most complicated out of all the treats on this blog today. We didn't have the proper candies for red eyes (was supposed to be colored sun flower seeds, I believe) so we subbed in these little red sprinkles. I thought they looked evil enough!

We hope to post more Halloween food ideas this week as we prepare for our annual Halloween dinner. Sue and I have been scouring the internet and cookbooks for some new ideas.
If you have any questions on how anything was made, please leave us a comment/question and we will do our best to answer you.
If you know of any great Halloween ideas then, by all means, please share them with us! We love anything Halloweeny!
Here is the link to last year's Halloween dinner!

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  1. It is so funny that I too am a huge Halloween fanatic yet I never watch scary movies, hate haunted houses, am scared to death of bugs and spiders, and get sick to my stomach at the site of anything gross. We are kindred spirits. I love all your Halloween treats and am sure they were a huge hit at the bake sale. Look forward to seeing what you serve at your Halloween dinner.