Monday, June 6, 2011

Halloween Dinners - No tricks but plenty of treats!

2010 Halloween table - Spoooky stuff!

Ham Skull - gross but tasty

Human ribs? Noooooo. Spooky cow ribs

These are from our Halloween table from last year.  Impressive, right? I was going to feign humility and say “well shucks, it’s alright I guess” but come’s pretty cool. The ham skull, ribs, devil face (chicken breast), mini-mummies (chicken nuggets on a hot dog bun), worm salad (noodles), eye balls (brussell
sprouts), blood soup with snake dippers (tomato soup with breadsticks), and of course bat wings (chicken wings).
Sue and I start our Halloween Dinner planning about a month before we actually hold it. Okay, to be honest, we start planning for the next year as soon as we are done eating the one on the table. All year long we are flipping through food magazines or websites saying, “Oooh, that would be cool for Halloween.” or “You know, if you just changed (blank) you could make it into a (blank) for Halloween.” Not that we are obsessed with Halloween, no, no, we are just obsessed with making food in general. Especially cool food.
Foamy witches brew

Gross guts!

Coolest. Glasses. Ever.

Jack-o-lantern spinach dip

Our nasty skeleton dip...but tasty

Spider pizza..mmm.mmm.. spider-licious

2009 Halloween party

See...coooooooool, right? This is 2009’s Halloween party. We had spider bread dip, spider pizza, a foot (meatloaf), spooky skeleton spread, mini pumpkin cheese balls, guts (cola jelly salad), jack-o-lantern spinach dip, and assorted drinks and sweets. There was much more there just not in the photo. Ie: mummy toes (cocktail wieners wrapped in pastry), eyes (devilled eggs), Frankenstein’s face (meatloaf – which is also pictured in the 2007 pics below).
2008 Halloween table

Meatloaf foot

Cutest pumpkin cheese balls ever!

Our 2008 meal (above) included the spectacularly spooky haunted gingerbread house. The ghost is particularly terrifying. You know you have to look again......... See, scary, right? This spook-tacular dinner included: enchilada bugs, mummies (ham and cheese braid), another foot (we keep this meatloaf in the rotation because it never fails to gross out someone at the table), mini-pumpkin cheese balls (I used these again too because they are so cute), spider bread dip, and Caesar salad with maggot croutons (okay, there was nothing Halloween-y about the Caesar salad so we had to get creative with the name).
Macaroni witch 2007

Pizza snake 2007

Frankenstein meatloaf 2007

Meatloaf monster face 2007 (We enjoy meatloaf, okay!)

You will have to excuse the tininess of these photos. I had to download them back from after I entered them in a Halloween food contest. I lost the originals from my computer. (P.S. – I actually won 4th place in the contest with the Frankenstein Meatloaf BUT because I don’t live in the States I was unable to claim my prize. Booooooo. Oh well, lesson learned.) Anyway, there is a Frankenstein meatloaf, macaroni witch (yes, made out of macaroni), pizza snake, and meatloaf monster face.  This was the beginning of our Halloween dinner parties. As you can see each year gets a little more interesting and the table a little fuller of spooky Halloween food.
If you have any questions as to how something is made or what something is made of, then please leave us a comment.
If you have any ideas for our Halloween Dinner 2011 we are always looking for


  1. Awesome pictures...I always have so much fun making and seeing people's reactions...I look forward to next years dinner....Sue

  2. Very cool! Can't wait to see what you come up with this year!

  3. Can't wait for my invite for this year. I WILL be invited right?????

  4. As per usual, you two have come up with some interesting food that looks, (and tastes I'm sure)
    phenomenal! Very clever!

    Keep up the good work and thanks for being willing to share with us!

  5. I just love your Halloween dinner menus. Great grub. Halloween is the best time of year to create themed food, in my opinion, when else would someone even think about eating a foot? I love your enthusiasm for the holiday.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings and Hungry Halloween

  6. Halloween is the best :) We agree 100%
    It's so much fun to see the reactions people have when they see something scary / gross / cool they have never seen before. Not to mention how fun it is to create something scary / gross / cool that we have never made before!