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Fairy Garden

The community we live in is having a "Funky Flower Pot Contest". Actually, Lillooet was challenged to the contest by a neighboring town, Clinton. 
Well.... get ready to throw down Clinton.
It's on with the ladies (and gentleman) at the Lillooet Medical Clinic.
(Visit here for more details:
We transformed our cement planter into a magical fairy garden with some dollar store finds and a little ingenuity. I wanted to share our creations and what we used to make them and encourage all of our Lillooet readers to go out and cast their vote for us at the District Office!

The centerpiece of our little fairy village: the fairy ER (Emergency Department).
Some wooden slats from Walmart hot glued to form the base. Some white paint to cover and then some moss (dollar store) for the roof. The little "H" was from the dollar store and simply painted red.
The sign post out front says: "Fairy ER", "<-- Low Fairy Dust", and "Broken Wings -->"
The wizard statue guarding the entrance was a piece from a board game.

Another statement piece: the Miller's Golf Hut.
Clinic owners, The Miller's, love to golf so we added a golf hut, complete with golf tees, a putting station, and golf club. The miniature planter on the side filled with purple flowers was made by the husband (Rusty) of one of the staff. The tiny dragon statue was another staff member's piece from a board game. 

Even the tiniest details were looked after!
This little birdhouse - which is on a toothpick by the way, that's how teeny tiny it is, was made by Rusty, the hubby of a staff member. Super creative guy!
The little butterfly comes from a Disney Fairy Princess set that someone found at the toy store. 

The bridge in the bottom of the photo is a piece of broken pottery. The river - some dollar store mixed blue rocks. The bridge posts are golf tees with marbles glued on top. 
Simple but really quite visually effective!

Another view of the river. Some blue rocks for the water and some plain "fish tank" rocks for the gravel. The well is an old pill bottle with rocks hot glued on and some twigs for the roof.

The fairy Flight School was a dollar store miniature birdhouse, the sign - a golf tee and some mini alphabet letter beads. 

It's not a fairy Flight School without a fairy runway (thanks to Taylor for this photo)....

The church and churchyard are another dollar store miniature birdhouse with an even more miniature birdhouse made by Rusty. The fence posts are made out of mini-popsicle sticks. I believe a staff member found these at Walmart in the craft supplies.
Of course, what kind of a village would it be without fairy dwellings. Individualized fairy houses made by myself and Taylor and my niece, Kenzie. 

This house has an owl guardian!
A mini glass figurine that was donated by a staff member. The houses are all made with a mini plant pot as their base. We glued on the rocks and twigs and moss and decorated them with stickers, jewels, and tiny butterflies - as you can see in the photos below. 

Did you see the itty bitty hanging basket?
Did you?
Is it not the cutest thing on the planet. 
Rusty made those. Yeah. He's amazing.

Pretty flowers make up the "forest" these houses are in. Some "fish tank" rocks make adorable little pathways through the forest.

Some of the houses almost disappear in the tree mulch/bark under our shade trees. The bright and cheerful hanging basket make it stand out though. 

A fairy is out hanging up her laundry beside her fairy house under the flowers. This fairy, along with all the others pictures, were part of the Disney Fairy Princesses package from the toy store.

Some mini puffy balls decorate this fairy house under a snapdragon flower. Again, a simple way to make an impact is to use "fish tank" rocks for a pathway. 

Golf tees and marbles make up the "lights" outside this little house. Some moss and a dollar store wooden star mark this house as special. 

Another hanging basket that has me doing the "eeeeeeeeee" hand clap. Taylor used moss for the roof and rocks to cover a tiny flower pot for a perfect fairy house. Some golf tee/marble "lights" and the hanging basket make for a lovely fairy yard. 

If you look really closely you will be able to see some fairies doing their work.
This one is painting some mushrooms. Taylor made the mushrooms out of 2 rocks that she painted and then glued together. 

This little fairy is making sure all the flowers smell as pretty as they should. 

A garden store dragonfly keeps watch over this fairy as she rests under the flowers. 

Here is a larger view of the section of the fairy garden on the side of our building. It really is hard to see everything without being closer! *Note the golf tee/marble "light" runway leading up to the flight school.*

Shots of the planter in the front of the building - again, pretty tricky to find all the fairy goodness without going in for a closer look!

Our hospital is my favorite! It was just too cute. 

It's pretty tiny but you can see the banner with "Lillooet" on it in the above photo. These are just mini alphabet beads strung on a string and then glued to golf tees . 

There you have it.
The Lillooet Medical Clinic entry into the "Funky Flower Pot Contest". If you are in the Lillooet area be sure to stop by the District Office and cast your ballot for our fairy garden. 
It doesn't take a lot of money to transform a boring cement planter into a magical fairy forest, just some time, dollar store finds, and some people who can't help but get excited over itty bitty things. 

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  1. totally awesome! Love your fairy garden :) Hope you will come share at our Snickerdoodle Sunday ( We would love to vote for you guys!