Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Dinner 2011

Meatloaf Dracula covered in mashed potatoes. His ears and nose and eyes are boiled eggs! His lips are roasted red pepper and fangs are cheese dipped in ketchup.
This year’s Halloween dinner was filled with some very cute and some very disgusting Halloween dishes. We won’t be posting the recipes in this blog, just some photos to share. We will be posting some of the recipes in follow up blogs (and a few are already done) but the rest you will have to ask for if you want to know how we made them!
As some of you may already know, Sue and I love Halloween. Well, to be honest, we love any opportunity to throw a theme/holiday party. Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Groundhog Day, I’m sure you get the idea. My niece, Kenzie, had some pretty elaborate birthday parties let me tell you.

Anyway, Halloween is one of those times that we can just go crazy with food.
What other time of year could you eat puff pastry “intestines” for dessert? Sue and I spend all year searching the internet and cookbooks/magazines for crazy, gross, cute, and just plain cool food to make for Halloween.
Here is what we came up with for this year.....
Medusa Cheeseball. Click HERE for the how to and recipe!

Red Goop Salad. This recipe is from Taste of Home . Click the link for the recipe.
Our friend, Chris, made this fabulous garlic-y dip. His face is bread she dyed orange.

Monster Toes. These are mini sausages wrapped in a Bisquick dough with olive toenails. Delicious!

Mummy Bread. Click HERE for how to and recipe.
Bread Spider. Well, okay, he kinda looks like a sad octopus but he was the best I could do! I used the leftover bread dough from making the Medusa snakes. We filled him with dip for the veggies.
More mummies! These little guys are a sausage and a meatball covered in pesto cream cheese and then wrapped in a linguini noodle. (Click HERE for how to and recipe)
Cool ice tarantula. Thanks to our friend, Kerry, for giving us the mold.

Punch courtesy of our friend, Holly. Isn't the punch bowl adorable?

Taco dip from our friend, Kari. Delicious and spooky!
Kari also made Halloween shape tortilla chips....ghosts, pumpkins, bats...very cool.

Kari also brought some spicy tortilla roll ups. Very Halloween-y with the orange tortillas.

I think these may have been my favorite. Alien worms!! Really, pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon. They looked so nasty :)
(Click HERE for how to and recipe)

Poor doll never saw it coming! Some salsa for blood and guts and VOILA! Nasty and delicious.

Another favorite - Caramel Popcorn . Addicting!

Mmmm...intestines for dessert. Puff pastry filled with cream cheese and cherry pie filling.
(Click HERE for how to and recipe)

Our friend, Steph, was responsible for these adorable witches' hats. They turned out great!

And last, but certainly not least, our friend Holly brought her amazing Peanut Butter Cheescake. Soooooo good! Definitely a favorite of mine :)
There you have it. Halloween Dinner 2011.

Next year (hopefully) Sue will be in her brand hew house and we will be able to celebrate 100%. This year we had to make do with ¼ of the decorations and such. Sue is more of a Halloween freak than I am so she has most of the platters, serving dishes, etc.... and they are (unfortunately) piled in her crawlspace while they are waiting for the new house to be built.
If you are interested in knowing how something was made and we do not post it in a blog, please let us know and we will do our best to get you the information.
Please feel free to comment on our Halloween Dinner and let us know what you think! Any suggestions would be welcomed :)


  1. You guys are awesome!!!!

  2. Thank you :) It is a lot of work but soooooooo much fun!!

  3. This is so incredible! Love all of them...sharing on my FB page. Thank you for the inspiration!
    ~ Julie

  4. I love your Dracula meatloaf, but what is the hair made of?

    1. Thanks Kathy. It's mashed potatoes dyed with a little black food coloring. :)