Sunday, July 26, 2015

Disney Party and Shark Party

Sue and I may be twins but we have totally different ideas on how to celebrate our 43 birthday. 
Sue is a die hard Disney fan and I'm all about sharks (read: Sharknado, Sharktopus)
We decided to compromise and hold a half shark party and half Disney party. 
We wanted to share our fun and easy ideas for both parties with everyone. 
Some of the photos we will link to other posts where we will have recipes and/or how-to's. If you have questions on how we made anything, please feel free to leave us a comment or question in the comment section below. 


Sue made me my cake - this awesome Shark Attack Cake.

She even put a photo of me on the doll.
I admit it. Sue comes up with some fun-tastic ideas sometimes.

One of the cutest shark party treats was this Bagel and Cream Cheese Snorkeler. (Click HERE for the how-to and recipe) He was super easy and super tasty! 

This guy isn't a shark but he is a scary water related monster soooooo....
he counts towards the shark party half of the party.

I carved this cucumber shark to put on the veggie tray. I thought he turned out pretty great. 
He only took a few minutes - the hardest part was carving all those spooky teeth.

Speaking of teeth....
How about some (mozzarella) shark teeth. Doesn't get much simpler than that.

Speaking of simple --- toss some shrimp in some seafood sauce and you have the perfect shark bait.

Sue and I worked together to carve this watermelon shark. Another quick and easy addition to the shark party. 

What shark wouldn't love to dive into a bowl of goldfish crackers? (This beautiful wood shark is Gary, my niece, Kenzie, brought him back from Cuba for me!)

Delicious gummy sharks from
So Yummy.

And some after dinner mints with a shark twist go perfectly. 

Another purchase. 
Adorable shark cups. They actually hold a lot and make you feel really cool while drinking out of them. 

To drink in the shark cups?
Well, that would be Chum Punch, of course. (Otherwise known as lemon-aid, strawberries in syrup, grenadine, and ice.) 

I made a paper mache shark to act as a table center.

He turned out pretty cute - except he kept getting into the snacks. Sneaking the shrimp and...

He kept trying to eat our bagel guy. 

And of course, we had to have some sushi too.
We all know how much sharks love sushi.

There is the over view of the shark table. 

And now, on to THE DISNEY PARTY:

Since Sue and I had to make each other's cakes, I decided to find something that was cute but not too, too difficult. Then I recruited our other sister, Orra, and our friend, Taylor, and we came up with this Ratatouille Cake. 

Doesn't he look adorable in the fridge sneaking some cheese? Sue was happy with him and that is all that matters!

What's a Disney party without at least one reference to Cinderella? Sue made this Bread bowl carriage drawn by 2 fine steeds (dollar store finds). (Click HERE for our Spinach Dip Recipe
Pretty sure Cinderella would have preferred this ride.

Sue has several Mickey shaped bowls.
Chips and Dip in one....

Nachos and salsa in one....

And BBQ's Farmer's sausage in her casserole dish. 

All you need is some Pillsbury Pizza dough and a Mickey cookie cutter and you can whip up these Disney-rific Mickey Pizzas.

Or these Mickey Mouse Sandwiches....

Or even these Mickey Mouse tortilla chips.

One of my favorite Disney movies is Emperor's New Groove so I made some of Kronk's Spinach Puffs. A little fiddly with the filo pastry but otherwise tasty.  

To up the cuteness factor we made these Mike Wazowski Rice Krispie Treats. Super simple! All you need is the usual Rice Krispie ingredients plus some green food coloring and some candy eye balls. 
*Voila* Done.

This one isn't immediately recognizable but it's supposed to be Rapunzel's braid. (From the movie Tangled). Those are pepper flowers in the braid. 

And there is an over view of the Disney table. 
Our mom gave us the beautiful flowers in the center for our birthday. 
Now.... what to do for next year's birthday.....

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  1. Wow, you really went all out for this party. It's a funny combo of themes, but I'm sure all the guests had a blast. That paper mache shark is incredible! Poor Barbie, being eaten by a shark cake, which is awesome as well. So many cool ideas, I could go on and on. I hope you both had a great birthday :-)

  2. The cake and watermelon shark is really wonderful. I just loved your party idea. I am also planning a small birthday party for my 10 year old daughter at party venues in Houston. Can you also share some good themes ideas for her?

    1. What kinds of things does she like, Drew? You can build a theme around almost anything. A favorite cartoon, favorite hobby, favorite color, etc.... :)

  3. Im a little late for the party. Great blog you have created, i cant wait to try so many of your recipes. Sue, has any one ever told you that you have a close resemblance to Hillary Swank? I couldnt help mentioning it. You guys are beautiful and awesome ������ Thanks B

    1. Thank you Belle! It's funny you mention that - Sue quite often gets people saying that she resembles Hillary Swank. :)